PRIDE Spotlight

This month’s Habit of Scholarship is Dedication:  I am committed to our PRIDE values.
Crew 101-Kyle W.
Crew 102-A’marionna F.
Crew 103-De’Zyre P.
Crew 104-Liam B.
Crew 105-Adriana T.
Crew 106-Princess J.
Crew 107-Jaiden M.
Crew 108-Rachel L.
Crew 114-Natavia J.
Crew 115-Isaac S.
Crew 116-Amya K.
Crew 117-Shay A.
Crew 118-Laritza E.
Crew 119-Xavier M.
Nominated by Mrs. Stevener-Rose S.
Nominated by Ms. Kirshy-Kamariea N.
Music-Tahtianna W.
Art-Zion D.
Physical Education-Raniya B.


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