PRIDE Spotlight

This month’s habit of scholarship is RESPECT:  I value myself and others.
Crew 101-Anar’Re B.
Crew 102-Dariona T.
Crew 103-Neven M.
Crew 104-Jayden W.
Crew 105-Elijah W.
Crew 106-Amarionna C.
Crew 107-Na’Zarria B.
Crew 108-Trevien M.
Crew 114-Azzaraya P.
Crew 115-Ava Y.
Crew 116-Masiyah P.
Crew 117-Ashley N.
Crew 118-Saree C,
Crew 119-Darshayla M.
Nominated by Mrs. Kirshy-Jermere M.
Nominated by Mrs. Stevener-Wroan Q.
Music-Jaydyn G.
Art-Aaryianna S.
Gym-Ni’ziera J.

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